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PDL will be attending NOF Energy’s Nuclear Networking lunch with GE Hitachi at Hardwick Hall tomorrow. The delegates will be presented to by GE Hitachi’s PRISM.

PRISM is a pool-type, metal-fueled, small modular Sodium Fast Reactor, by using electro-metallurgical separations, PRISM is designed to perform the recycling of the 96 percent of the fissionable material (uranium and transuranics) remaining in used nuclear fuel.

PDL engineers have established a proven track record in delivering robust, reliable and cost effective studies, design validation and design substantiation and detailed design engineering services across the civil nuclear and naval nuclear industries. Fully conversant with the UK nuclear design codes and practises and widely recognised as being Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP), PDL engineers have provided complementary advanced engineering support on some of the most technically demanding nuclear decommissioning and life extension projects over the past decade. 

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Posted: 5th Jul 2016

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