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20th Jan 2016 18:00 - 20th Jan 2016 21:00

The regional North East SUT events are popular with PDL Engineers. One of our Senior Engineers says, “The events are really good as they give us a different perspective and keep us up to date with new technologies. It is important to support our regional society, people are giving their time voluntarily to help us improve our knowledge and disseminate information.”

The next event (sponsored by TI Geosciences) is: “New Developments in Seabed Geotechnical Drilling Techniquesat Newcastle University on the 20th January.

There will be three presentations by; Canyon Offshore Ltd; Fugro Geoconsulting Limited and TI Geosciences.

1.  Canyon Offshore Ltd – Development and Experience with the ROVdrill Mk2
John Davies, Canyon Offshore; Business Development Manager
John Buckell, UTEC Geomarine Limited; Project Manager

A brief introduction to the Canyon ROVdrill systems and some of the advantages of seabed drilling systems including increased efficiency in deep water and safer operation .

2.  Fugro Geoconsulting Limited – Experience of a Seafloor Drill 

Tim Carrington, Head of Data Acquisition and Reporting

A summary of experience with the Fugro Seafloor Drill in water depths up to 2900m.

3.  TI Geosciences – The new IHC SWORD® Seabed Drilling System
Emile Rupert, Business Development Manager

TI Geosciences are working with Royal IHC to develop a new ultra deep water seabed drilling system (IHC SWORD®). A key feature of the system will be the incorporation of sonic drilling with the objective of increasing productivity.

To book your place at this event please go to the SUT website. PDL provides advanced engineering design and analysis consultancy to safety critical industries. To find out more about PDL’s work in Subsea Technologies please visit the Publications Section on our website.IHC SWORD

Posted: 12th Jan 2016

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