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PDL North America will be attending the World Oil HPHT Conference on September 21st and 22nd at the Norris Conference Center in Houston. Expert delegates from field leaders such as FMC, Halliburton, and Cameron will present on the specialized industry, discussing advancements, remaining challenges, and regulatory changes.

The HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) field is an advanced one, where the strongest minds from the leading forward thinking companies have come together to help develop equipment and methods for extracting hydrocarbons at greater depths and in harsher environments.

PDL have developed a proven track record in the delivery engineering support to the design and validation of HPHT equipment. The stringent and ever developing industry codes require a level of complex Finite Element Analysis (FEA)  not often practiced by OEM in-house engineering teams. PDL’s experience and understanding of codes, such as API-17 TR8 has put them in the elite position to not only help companies adhere to those regulations, but also to optimise the equipment design within them.

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Posted: 17th Aug 2016

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