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PDL is to attend the Decom Offshore Conference in Aberdeen on Wednesday, 27th May.

The event is set to focus on the cost and efficiency challenge highlighted in the Oil & Gas Authority’s (OGA) recent call to action, with particular emphasis being placed on the drive for innovation and efficiency in decommissioning.

Entitled DecommissioningThe Economic and Operational Challenges, this event will welcome over 200 decommissioning professionals, providing an excellent networking opportunity for those involved in any stage of the decommissioning process.

PDL engineers have developed a proven track record in delivering robust, reliable and cost-effective engineering solutions to clients operating in the nuclear decommissioning and subsea market sectors.

Our engineers support clients throughout the entire decommissioning cycle, from initial option engineering and FEED studies through to final site remediation.

PDL’s engineering design and analysis capability covers the four main engineering disciplines:

 (1)    Mechanical Engineering and Remote Handling

(2)    Civil, Structural & Architectural (CS&A) Engineering

(3)    Process Engineering

(4)    Electrical, Control and Instrumentation (EC&I)

The four main engineering disciplines are complemented by in-house industry specialists in the key areas of MarineSubsea and Geotechnics to ensure that the proposed PDL engineering solutions meet, or exceed, all of the application and legislative requirements.

By combining our significant nuclear decommissioning heritage and subsea engineering expertise with a sound working knowledge of the offshore marine environment, PDL are the preferred engineering partner of choice to support your North Sea decommissioning activities. You can find more information on our website, or if you would prefer to discuss your requirements, please contact us –

Posted: 22nd May 2015

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