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PDL’s IT director, John Wilson, recently took part in BMW’s advert for the new 3 series. John was driving with the Paul Swift Precision Driving Team in a direct-to-web advert. The directors wanted to feature each generation in turn, with each newer model grabbing the focus whilst the previous car “vanished” from shot. All of this had to be achieved in one single 60-second take!

You can find John in the second car featured (he’s in the second oldest car as he was the second oldest driver!)

John has been working with the PSPD since 2006, working in live shows for Ford, Jaguar, Honda, Citroen and Renault. His resume also includes TV adverts for Audi and Hyundai, and various TV appearances in BBC’s Top Gear.

John’s involvement in BMW’s advert comes off the back of successes in Motorsport, having been a front-runner in the national auto-test championships, and more recently, in the Toyota MR2 racing championship. Currently, John is in the final stages of preparing a supercharged Toyota MR2 to race later in the season.

Posted: 19th May 2015

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