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6th Jun 2015 08:00 - 6th Jun 2015 19:00

PDL will be the main sponsor for the Hexham Regatta this year at Tyne Green, Hexham. With more than 450 entries and nearly 800 competitors, it is one of the biggest one day regattas in the country.

We have a strong association with Hexham Rowing Club who are hosting the event, with several PDL staff being active members of the club (one staff member was recruited at the Regatta several years ago). Another strong partnership for PDL is with Durham University, who have provided us with many engineers over the years. The Durham Colleges fiercely compete for their Regatta Victor Ludorum and provide some very exciting racing!

Elizabeth Waterman, PDL Engineer and Durham University alumni, will be racing in a Women’s Novice Coxed Four for Hexham Rowing Club just after 4pm on Saturday. If you are in the area, come and cheer her on!

Hexham Regatta


Posted: 5th Jun 2015

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