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PDL will be attending NOF Energy’s Nuclear Networking lunch with Westinghouse at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland on the 12th of October. The attendees will be presented to by Simon Marshall, the Managing Director of Westinghouse UK Fuel Operations.

Simon will cover a range of interesting topics regarding the nuclear industry;

I.           An overview of Westinghouse Electric Company and information about specific areas of the business

II.          Personal and company experience of the nuclear sector

III.         An update on the UK Government’s policy for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

IV.        Challenges, opportunities along with technologies and solutions required to successfully develop this area

V.          Advice for supply chain engagement and Westinghouse’s procurement procedures

SMRs are a type of nuclear fission reactor that are smaller than conventional reactors and can be manufactured off site and brought on site in a modular format for assembly, thus reducing cost and construction risk.

SMRs give a number of further potential benefits over conventional designs, such as the EPR reactor specified for Hinckley Point C, for example;

  • Installation in more remote locations and with less reliance upon high capacity grid connection
  • Inherent safety within the SMR design, particularly through the use of passive safety features
  • Reduction in waste production due to higher fuel burnup rates, or the potential use of alternative fuel cycles (e.g. Thorium)
  • Greater resilience to acts of terrorism due to the sub-ground location of the reactor

PDL engineers have established a proven track record in delivering robust, reliable and cost effective studies, design validation and design substantiation and detailed design engineering services across the civil nuclear and naval nuclear industries. Fully conversant with the UK nuclear design codes and practises and widely recognised as being Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP), PDL engineers have provided complementary advanced engineering support on some of the most technically demanding nuclear decommissioning and life extension projects over the past decade.

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Posted: 5th Oct 2016

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