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PDL’s CEO, Paul Charlton, is set to speak at the launch of the Blyth Workspace - a stunning four-storey office block established by Arch Northumberland Development Company (ANDC). Paul will outline the journey PDL has taken as a successful, growing Northumberland-based company with global reach in the energy market. He will also give an overview of the challenges and opportunities for Northumberland-based companies who are looking to do business within one or more of the three mainstream energy sectors.

The ANDC have a county-wide remit to attract investment, deliver development and implement regeneration. Wholly owned by Northumberland County Council, with a mixed public-private Board, they are looking to bring a robust enterprise-focused and business-like approach to the development challenge.

Paul Charlton

Paul Charlton, CEO, PDL Group

Posted: 3rd Jun 2015

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