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PDL draws upon a wide range of engineering expertise within the organization and we stand confident in the knowledge that we have the capability and the capacity to engage with our customers on some of the most complex and demanding engineering design projects.

Engineering design is the ability to comprehend the project situation and requirements in the first instance; develop, underpin and refine a number of potential solutions using simple sketches and hand calculations; and then select the best solution in a robust and auditable manner.

Having selected the best solution using tools such as the Analytical Hierarchy Protocol (AHP) selection process, PDL engineers can then represent that solution in a detailed 2D drawing or 3D model form using the likes of Pro|ENGINEER® and Autodesk Inventor.

Intellectual property rights are often a contentious issue. In terms of intellectual property rights, we choose to adopt a simple approach where we retain no vested interest in any design or analysis work that we undertake for you; upon receipt of all due monies, you own all of the intellectual property rights. We make our money on repeat business, by providing an exemplar service in a robust, reliable and consistent manner; not by retaining any vested intellectual property rights.


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