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Installation Analysis

A thorough, robust installation plan can significantly reduce project cost and risk by ensuring procedures are properly laid out and contingency plans are in-place.

PDL understand our client’s need for quick and effective installation campaigns that minimize vessel mobilisation and keep operational costs at a minimum. We work alongside our clients’ project teams to fully understand their project requirements, and then utilize our analysis expertise to replicate and optimize the entire installation procedure.

By integrating within our clients’ offices, we are able to provide continuous support and maintain a high degree of transparency throughout the project. This bolsters our relationship with our clients and ensures that the installation process is continually adapted to account for any slight alterations that may arise throughout the project.  

Within the field of installation engineering, PDL can offer the following expertise:

Button Lay analysis – J-lay, S-lay, towed, reel barge procedures.

Button Retrieval and abandonment analysis.

Button Establishment of operational windows.

Button Installation of subsea ancillaries.

Button Storyboard creation and process optimisation.

Button Deck-spread analysis and equipment design.

Button Development of best-practice installation behaviours.

Button Project engineering assistance.

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