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Rigid and Flexible Subsea Jumpers

The engineering of both rigid and flexible jumpers is critical to ensuring the safety and cost-effectiveness of offshore operations. Rigid jumpers provide a critical link between platform and pipeline, while flexible jumpers are often used in hybrid riser systems to decouple the motions of the vessel from the free-standing conductor.

PDL has developed an extensive track record in the analysis and design of these critical components. Utilising a combination of both global and local analysis tools, we are able to assess the following components:

Button Rigid tie-in spools

Button Rigid base jumpers (RBJs)

Button Hybrid riser systems

Button Seabed jumpers

Typically, these components are assessed as part of a thorough riser assessment; however, we are also able to conduct standalone jumper analyses to ensure these designs meet industry requirements. All analyses are carried out and checked against DnV F-105 (rigid) or DnV F-203 (flexible). Although the former relates to free-spanning pipelines, PDL engineers have developed robust methodologies based on the guidelines which modify the approach for the assessment of rigid jumpers.

Due to rigid jumpers being small, stiff components, they are inherently susceptible to VIV. Where low bottom currents are present, the members can enter into forced vibrations, which can severely damage the lines. PDL engineers are able to use Orcaflex’ VIV models to calculate the magnitude of such vibrations and the associated cyclic damage. This gives contractors the peace of mind that this phenomenon is captured and steps can be taken to prevent excessive damage.

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