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Mooring Systems and Sea-fastening

Recent industry focus on developing fields in harsh operational climates whilst maximizing production mean that the need for comprehensive mooring analysis has never been greater. By leveraging an extensive body of analytical experience, PDL engineers are able to provide in-depth option assessments to ensure that mooring configurations are optimized for any environmental climates encountered. This gives our clients the peace of mind that their seakeeping operations will be safe, secure and cost-effective throughout the length of their offshore activities.

Our core mooring analysis capability is underpinned by a thorough knowledge of engineering fundamentals, allowing each analysis package to be backed up and verified by rigorous hand calculations. Our focus on automating routine tasks ensures that all possible environmental loading combinations are thoroughly assessed in order to present the client with an extensive analysis report, from which they can make an informed decision regarding their mooring configuration.

PDL engineers have been responsible for analysing the following mooring and sea-fastening analyses:

Button Turret-mooring configurations.

Button Spread-mooring configurations.

Button Single-anchor leg (SAL) systems.

Button Catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoys

Button Chain and rope fatigue assessments.

Button Anchor assessments, rigging design and in-depth sea-fastening calculations.

By integrating within our client’s project teams, our engineers have developed a thorough understanding of offshore mooring procedures and operations. As such, we are able to assist our clients in developing offshore seakeeping procedures that will minimize overall project cost and ensure quick, efficient delivery times.  

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