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Multibody Dynamics (RecurDyn)

RecurDyn is a Multibody Dynamics (MBD) software tool that we apply to the design, development and validation of paper handling and media transportation applications and the optimisation of complex drive trains.

Our RecurDyn multibody dynamics capabilities include:

  MTT2D (Media Transportation Simulation 2D)

MTT2D is used to model media (paper, polymer film, fabric or any other flat media) transportation systems in 2 dimensions. It provides a quick assessment of the general layout of the transport system.

  MTT3D (Media Transportation Simulation 3D)

MTT3D is used to model the full media transportation system in 3 dimensions. It provides a detailed analysis and assessment of the full media transportation system and the individual component parts. The media (paper, polymer film, fabric or any other flat media) is modelled as a flexible body using MFBD (Multiple Flexible Body Dynamics) technology and it accurately models the interaction between the flexible media and the drive train parts, e.g., belts, rollers and guides etc.

 Gear/Chain/Belt/Bearing/Spring Toolkits

There are various toolkits within RecurDyn that allow us to define and analyse a whole host of different systems, e.g., gears, complex chain systems, belts and pulleys, bearing systems and complex springs, using MFBD technology.

Our engineers have pioneered the use of the RecurDyn multibody dynamics software to maximise the availability, reliability and maintainability of paper transport and media handling devices in the design phase and to identify the route cause failure modes of device downtime, media damage and excessive component wear once the devices are in use by the user.

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