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The extensive PDL engineering design and analysis capabilities are aligned to support even the most technically challenging renewable energy projects in each of the four main Renewable Energy sectors, namely; wind, wave, tidal and PVT (photovoltaic & thermal).

The capabilities are equally aligned to support the entire renewable energy asset lifecycle:

  Device development (concept design & detailed design)

  Energy yield assessments (including 3D complex terrain or bathymetry modelling & 3D wake effects)

  Structural and survivability assessments

  Cable installation analyses (including the validation of cable protection systems)

  Condition monitoring (including real time fatigue analyses)

The iterative use of the advanced FEA and CFD analysis tools throughout the entire asset lifecycle provides the necessary assurances to the developers, funding bodies and operators alike that a given renewable energy concept is fit for use.

FEA and CFD analyses not only validate the technical or engineering aspects of a given concept, but they also serve to maximise the operating efficiency of and therefore the commercial gains derived from the asset itself, i.e., the FEA and CFD analyses mitigate the technical risks, shorten the overall development timescales and ultimately reduce the total device development, operation and maintenance costs.

The renewable energy market is a key strategic sector for PDL going forward and one where the company seeks to establish a leadership position by providing outright technical expertise in a cost effective manner to all parties involved in the development cycle and supply chain.

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