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Global scarcity, ageing infrastructure, tighter legislation and standards, increased chemical supply, increased energy pumping costs and the growth in water consumption are just some of the challenges facing the water industry. Add to this desalination, water treatment and industry re-use and the demand for innovative engineering insight has never been greater.

CFD analysis of particle sedimentation in a Settling Tank using the Eulerian dispersed solid-to-water multiphase model

Our engineering design and analysis capabilities are aligned to support the entire potable water and wastewater processes. We have capability and expertise to support the following water-related application areas:

Potable water:

  Reservoir & river modelling

  Abstraction process modelling

  Desalination plants

  Chlorine contact tanks

  Piping loop systems

  UV disinfection systems

  Sump pumps

  Transportation and distribution networks

Wastewater (grey and black water):

  Sewer networks

  Combined sewer over flows

  Storm tanks

  Flow and load balancing


  Primary tanks

  Aeration lanes

  Final tanks

  Sequencing batch reactors

  Phosphorous removal systems

  Pump sump analysis

  UV disinfection systems

  Biocide dosing systems

  Reverse osmosis systems

  Domestic & commercial grey water treatment systems

  Industrial wastewater treatment systems

  Mine water rebound modelling

PDL Water


Domestic grey water treatment system - concept design + detailed design + prototype manufacture & test

Over the past 15 years, our engineers have worked on a wide and varied range of water-related projects. We have experience in both potable water and wastewater applications and we have applied that experience to both civilian (fixed infrastructure) and military (mobile infrastructure) environments on a global, local and micro scale. Some examples of our water-related work include:

  Reservoir and river bathymetry and abstraction modelling

  Transportation and distribution network flow assurance studies

  Sewage network flow assurance studies

  Hydrodynamic studies of settlement tanks

  Sludge fluidisation and retrieval studies

  Suspended solids studies

  Coarse solids:liquids separation studies (hydrocyclones + centrifuges)

  Fine solids;liquids separation studies (filter media beds)

  Water residence time studies (through filter media beds)

  Filtration media bed optimisation studies

  Filtration media backwash studies

  Biocide dosing, dilution and dispersion studies

  UV line of sight and exposure time studies

  Surge suppression studies

  Pump cavitation studies

  Turbulent flow studies

  Pipeline erosion studies

  Asset integrity management of new and aging infrastructure

  Real time condition monitoring of new and aging assets

PDL Water

Wastewater filter bed fluidisation, retrieval and solid:liquid separation study

Combining state-of-the-art computational simulation techniques with practical engineering experience, ensures we give our water clients the invaluable insight they need in a robust, timely and cost effective manner.

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