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Global Dynamic Analysis (ORCAFLEX)

Offshore marine systems design is a complex undertaking which is highly regulated and carries significant risk. We use our wealth of experience and knowledge to assess complex problems in the most cost-effective way. We aim to keep things as simple as possible while delivering optimal results, giving our clients the peace of mind of staying well within specified time and budget constraints.

Offshore marine systems design is a complex undertaking which is highly regulated and carries significant risk, and for which even small improvements can significantly increase safety and reduce costs.

At PDL we undertake dynamic analysis of offshore marine systems using the world’s leading package software OrcaFlex in order to assess and optimise new and existing offshore marine designs and operations. OrcaFlex is a powerful tool that encompasses a large variety of objects and features which enable assessing complex systems and applications through a mathematical model. Using this tool we are able to model the inherently non-linear response of subsea equipment in both the time and frequency domain and assess a diverse range of dynamic offshore marine systems in an efficient and productive way.

As with any other engineering software, the true value that OrcaFlex creates is only accessible by having a deep engineering knowledge and experience, which is where we come in: we are expert users of the software and have a deep knowledge of the industry and regulatory frameworks (DNV, API, etc) and are internationally recognised as a leading authority in delivering advanced global analysis on increasingly complex engineering projects.

Our expertise in the global analysis work is further enhanced by our other core capabilities, which we can integrate to create higher accuracy models (e.g. by extracting drag and added mass coefficients from CFD simulations or to specify dynamic loads to structural models). 

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