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Pipe Stress Analysis

As subject matter experts in the field of computational modelling and simulation, our expertise in pipe stress analysis plays a key role in the support we provide to our clients across all of our market sectors.

Pipe stress analysis is an industry standard Finite Element numerical modelling approach used to assess and validate the stress and strain response of piping arrangements and support structures, considering internal and external loading. Utilising CAESAR II our engineers support our clients from the design stage, looking to achieve a code compliant system, to assessing already operating processes providing insight into how to increase operational performance and how best to extend its life through effective maintenance strategies.

Through our years of experience in applying CAESAR II we have established extensive experience in applying both static and dynamic analyses considering all loading types; sustained loading of internal pressure and deadweight, thermal and less frequent loading scenarios like seismic events, wind loading, and fluid hammer effects. These assessments have been carried out across standard steel piping to more uncommon pipe materials like GRP and ERP.

As with all our services, our clients hold us in high regard and a trusted partner to provide value-adding engineering support to ensure a code compliant and effective solution is achieved with the ultimate output of mitigating risk, lowering development timescales and decreasing cost.

Pipe Stress Analysis can be combined with CFD to more accurately capture the fluid behaviour (e.g. surge, water hammer effects, slug flow) in the piping providing more detailed loading input to output stresses and strains of the piping and its supports (See CFD capability page for a more detailed explanation).


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