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Structural Calculations

PDL engineers use a multitude of scientific and mathematical calculations to provide solutions to our clients. Our engineers are suitably qualified and experienced (SQEP) to provide their expertise on a vast array of problems, over multiple disciplines and across multiple sectors.

Engineering Calculations are the application of science and mathematics to solve problems.

Our engineers provide their expertise on a vast array of problems, over multiple disciplines and across multiple sectors: That could be anything from the derivation of stresses and deflections in a portal frame supporting a piece of equipment that will extend the life of a Nuclear Power Station (assessed against Eurocode 3), to the transient behaviour of a tidal barrage over the full cycle of sea levels and lagoon heights, used to determine power output and return on investment (ROI).

The calculation may well be the entire service that our clients require, such as the generation of a pack assessing a lifting beam to BS EN 13155. Equally our calculations may be an important part of a wider analytical scope of work; potentially providing the initial analysis conditions, or as the critical check that analysis results are credible.

The variety of ways we provide calculations may surprise you; they can be quick ‘hand calcs’ captured in our workbooks, through MS Excel spreadsheets that undertake goal seek and transient analysis or PTC Mathcad based Parametric calculation packs, where checkability and the flexibility to capture an evolving design are paramount.

So, if you need a Structural Engineer with significant career experience and knowledge in the application of BS 2573-1, BS EN 13001-1 or Eurocode 3, amongst others, or you need a Mechanical Engineer who can apply BS 2573-2 or ASME VIII Div 1,2 or 3 to your problem, then we can help.

However, if you need engineers who simply apply the best tools to your problems, then we are the people to talk to.


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