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Renewable Energy

As experts in the area of FEA, CFD and Global Dynamic Analysis (Orcaflex) for over two decades, we have supported our clients across a whole spectrum of challenges, from those encountered during the development of disruptive technology, to those surrounding the large-scale delivery of renewable projects. PDL has grown and adapted with this sector, ensuring we have the skills, expertise and knowledge to fully support our clients at the highest level.

The global energy landscape is seeing a fundamental transition, where the impressive growth of renewable energy is complementing the waning traditional energy sources of coal, oil & gas and nuclear. Hydro, geothermal, wind, solar, wave and tidal power are now becoming commonplace in the energy mix where future developments and technology are key to meet the ever-growing global energy demand.

At PDL, we work alongside you, supporting you at every stage of development across these specific energy sources:

  • Wind – Offshore, onshore & floating
  • Tidal
  • Wave
  • Energy Storage

As experts in Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Orcaflex, we have supported our clients through an array of challenges at all levels of the industry, from those encountered during the development of disruptive technology, to those surrounding the large-scale delivery of renewable projects.

Our experience and expertise in analysis, especially cross capability applications, allows us to support projects from the very start. From carrying out energy yield assessments for site development to optimising the field layout all the way through to the installation.

At the operational and maintenance level, we develop highly detailed 3D models of operating assets, taking into consideration all necessary loading conditions to evaluate, for example, crack propagation or a new fatigue life accordingly to up-to-date or near real-time data providing valuable insight driving life extension and optimal maintenance frequencies.

As the industry has grown, we have adapted, pin-pointing critical components of each energy source and have built the skills, knowledge and expertise to support our clients to the highest level. For example, in the offshore wind, tidal and wave sectors the most critical components are found to be the large inter-array and export cables found between assets and connected to the grid at shore respectively. PDL over the years have actively developed a knowledge base and have supported projects around subsea cables to understand their failure modes, loading behaviour better and develop modelling methodologies spanning their typical lifecycle from manufacture, production, spooling, transportation, installation and operation.


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